Satisfied Customer Pics

Lorraine Sindayen

Brianne George









Tammy DuBose-Wyatt










Jacques Pitcher-Release-the-SWOLE2Keith Baker

Inna AblemanBuffedWear Dave and Colleen Fisher BuffedWear Dave and Jacques BuffedWear Dave and Matt Lowden

BuffedWear Dave and Monica Hoffman

BuffedWear Dave and Rachelle BuffedWear Dave Leslie John Rodriguez BuffedWear Diane and Dave

Jacques and Kris Jacques not smiling P1010099Jeff on Pec Deck




P1000572 P1000573

Ryan wearing Rise-n-Grind hoodie




DSCN2566 P1010096












BuffedWear-slider-Stephaine doing DB curls

























Anthony McCurty-BuffedMan-Black-HoodieBekah Baker - Seahawks BOOM Bekah Baker BuffedWear1 Bekah Baker BuffedWear3 Bekah Baker BuffedWear4 Ben and Kathy Asher-BuffedWear-Rise-n-Grind Britnney - Rise-n-Grind tanktop Britnney - Rise-n-Grind tanktop2 Dave and Jeff3-4-22-14 Denis Sams-Abstract FitMan Jen Cole-Seahawks BOOM5 Kevin Sherwin-Thou Shalt Seek Pain Kris ft repose1 Mel Taylor-combined Molly Johnson - Real Girls Sparkle P1000570 P1000925 P1000936 P1010721 Ryan wearing Naturally Buffed1 Shelly-Rise-n-Grind Tammy Dubose-Wyatt_Fit_Chicks_Sweat


Angela Cartwright-Do Not Disturb Gym Rat-cropped Bekah Baker - Collage BuffedWear Bekah Baker - Divalicious Bekah Baker - Own Your Greatness collage Ben and Kathy Asher-BuffedMan and BuffedGirl Mel Taylor3 P1000576 P1000976 Tammy DuBose-Wyatt-Naturally Buffed cropped


Mika Shaviri-BuffedWear tank


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