Welcome to BuffedWear!

Welcome to BuffedWear, the unique clothing line by David “Dr.Buff” Patterson of The Dr. Buff Experience.  BuffedWear is THE place to buy the coolest gear to show off your buffedness – that buffed body that you’ve worked oh so hard for!  From the mini-buff’s to the maxi-monstrous buff’s, from the fit chicks to the buffed babes, from the already buffed to the wannabe buffed, we’ve got something for you. We keep our sayings clean and simple so they’re easily and quickly read.  Our sayings are cool, our artwork is cool…heck, everything is cool!  and we’re continually expanding everything!

Take a few minutes to peruse our site.  We hope you have a pleasurable experience while here, and hope even more that you’ll desire to buy something.  If not this time, then please come back and visit us again as we’re continually adding new inventory, sayings, designs, etc.  If there’s a particular saying you’d like to see on a shirt, feel free to drop us a line below and we’ll see what we can do.  We promise to get back to you quickly!

We’re always looking for new, creative phrases that’ll motivate, inspire, make you chuckle, and pump up people to train harder in whatever sport or activity they participate in.  If you submit a saying that makes it onto one of our shirts (no swearing or derogatory comments please), we’ll send you a shirt with your saying on it for FREE! Sayings have to be original and not be on another line of clothing